Seminars Presented at the 2020 Show

Bryan Appleby Head ShotSeminars Presented by Bryan Appleby - Bryan has more than 4,000+ consecutive nights (12 years with only 64 of those nights in campgrounds) while full timing. The outdoors has been an emphasis on this father & grandfather, taking him to occupations as a State Trooper and a National Park Ranger. Now, as a retired State Trooper and again working as a seasonal National Park Ranger, Bryan has been exploring America with his RV, kayaks and motorcycles. He is known for his extreme boondocking, often for periods up to 8 weeks away from civilization and any resupplies.

Full Time RVing - Beginning & Continuing Your Journey

Many dream for a very long time of leaving family, friends, their home and routines behind to purchase an RV and hit the road to explore the USA.  How to choose the best RV for the needs you will have to fulfill your dreams, as well as what are the essentials in being successful, personal safety on the road, where should you stay, mail/packages, workcamping, maintenance and that all important subject - budget.

Seminar Room C - 11:30 am Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Solar Debunked - Do I Need It? Batteries, Inverters & Charging Explained

Solar can be a life changing experience or just an expensive novelty like a blender on the kitchen counter. What is solar, do I need it and/or are there alternatives to consider? All these will be discussed as well as how one develops a plan for solar and how to better use their battery bank. Understanding all of this is important as well as maintaining your equipment and safely charging your battery bank.

Seminar Room C - 3:00 pm Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Shari Hutch photo profileSeminars Presented by Shari & Hutch - David "Hutch" Hutchison and Shari Galiardi are a traveling freelance writer/photographer/speaker couple who have been living in their 72 sq ft vintage 1957 travel trailer since 2012. These full-time campers travel regularly, camp whole-heartedly, and pack their lives with experiences instead of things. Both are outdoor and environmental educators who have explored, volunteered, and worked across the country as well as internationally.

Freedom in a Can - Finding Sustainability in 72 Sq Feet - Lifestyle Presentation

Ever dream about chucking it all and hitting the road in an RV? Hutch and Shari did just that -- turning their mid-life crisis into an adventurous new lifestyle. Over the last 7 years, they have lived more richly, healthily, happily and sustainably in their tiny travel trailer. Their story, accompanied by stunning images from the places they’ve visited across this continent (49 states, 8 Canadian provinces, countless National Parks and public lands), will inspire, educate, entertain, and challenge you to think differently about the opportunities and challenges of life on the open road. Discover your own sense of freedom and inspiration to live your dream. 

Seminar Room B - Noon Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Living on the Open Road: How in the World Do You?

Is there a big RV road trip in your future? Excited? Scared? Don’t know where to begin? Hutch and Shari will share lessons, strategies, life hacks, and cautionary tales learned over 7 years of living and traveling in their small trailer. This fun, interactive presentation will cover: boondocking with solar, downsizing your life, choosing the ideal RV for your lifestyle, finding both paid and volunteer work while on the road, locating campgrounds, hiking trails, free campsites and roadside attractions using your smartphone, financing a life on the road, dealing with all the "life stuff," and more. Bring your questions, dreams, and any concerns that might be holding you back from taking the plunge.

Seminar Room B - 4:00 pm Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Gourmet Outdoor Cooking Techniques & Tools

Love cooking, roasting, and baking at home? Don't know where to begin in your van, RV or camper? Experienced road warriors and outdoor cooking enthusiasts, Hutch and Shari, will share their tips and recipes developed over 7 years of living on the road in their tiny trailer.  They love to challenge themselves by preparing delicious gourmet meals using the simplest of methods and quality food.  Whether cooking over an open fire, two-burner range, or lightweight back country stove, these methods and recipes are sure to make you a happy camper.

Seminar Room B - 5:00 pm Thursday, Friday & Saturday

TLC LogoSeminars Presented by Torklift Central - Towing is a big part of RVing and Torklift Central has all of the answers to your questions. Select the seminar that pertains to your situation and get the information you need to stay legal and safe.

Don't Lose Your Load! Truck and Camper Matching

If your choice of RV is a truck camper how will you safely carry it on your truck? Mounting and suspension will be topics of discussion at this seminar. The correct equipment can make owning a truck camper a safe and enjoyable experience for the whole family.

Seminar Room B - 11:00 am Saturday, 3:00 pm Sunday

Don't Lose the Dinghy! Safe Motorhome Towing

Are you a motorhome owner looking to pull a second vehicle? Are you bewildered by the various methods available to you? Then attend this towing seminar where you will learn what equipment you will need to safely tow your dinghy.

Seminar Room B - 3:00 pm Thursday & Friday

Don't Be A Road Hazard with Your Travel Trailer!

Trunnions, L bars, receivers, sway controls...determining what you need to safely tow a travel trailer can be overwhelming! Attend this towing seminar and learn travel trailer “hitch lingo” and the optimal way to tow your travel trailer.

Seminar Room B - 2:00 Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Science of Choosing Your 5th Wheel Towing Equipment

In the past when it came to fifth wheel hitches you didn’t have a lot of options. Today there are countless manufactures and types of fifth wheel hitches for short bed, long bed and flat bed trucks that adjust in corners, can be easily removed or nearly hidden in the bed of the truck. This towing seminar will explain your choices allowing you to make the right choice to safely pull a fifth wheel with your truck.

Seminar Room B - 3:00 pm Saturday, 11:00 am Sunday

waparkslogoSeminars Presented by Washington State Parks - The Washington State Park system offers many beautiful locations to explore and recreate with many offering RVing amenities. Come see what is new at the parks and see how you can become a park host.

Hosting in Washington State Parks

The Host Program offers enthusiastic and interested volunteers the chance to stay and have fun in beautiful and diverse park settings while gaining experience in park operations and visitor services. Find out how rewarding becoming a host can be in this informative seminar.

Seminar Room C - 1:00 pm Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Exploring Your Washington State Parks

Have you visited a state park lately? Discover the many improvements we’ve made that will enhance your visit, including upgraded electrical hookups, cool new playgrounds for the kids, better boat launches and more! Get ready to rediscover your love of the outdoors at a Washington State Park this year!

Seminar Room C - 2:00 pm Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

osgs new logo WEBSeminars Presented by Old School Gun School - If you keep a firearm or are considering keeping a firearm with you when you are RVing, there are some important considerations that can differ from state to state.

Concealed Carry Permits for RV Travelers

Learn how to obtain the proper firearm permits for RV travel in different states with different laws. Transporting firearms across state lines in an RV may be a felony in many states. Understand the firearm laws that affect interstate travelers. Be safe! Be legal! ...There’s more to it than just reciprocity.

Seminar Room A - 6:00 pm Thursday, 3:00 pm Friday, 11:00 am Saturday & Sunday

RVs, Guns, Law Enforcement & Litigation

When is your RV a motor vehicle? When is it your home? Guns in the vehicle laws. Guns in the RV laws. Open carry & concealed carry laws. What to say & do before a shot is fired. What NOT to say & do AFTER a shot is fired. Traveling with guns & children. Safe transport and storage.

Seminar Room A - 3:00 pm Thursday & Saturday

Choosing a Firearm for RV Travel

Shotgun? Rifle? Handgun? We all carry a fire extinguisher in case of fire. We all carry a first aid kit in case of injury. Explore the advantages of traveling with a firearm. For most violent threats while on the road, you will be your own First Responder. With proper training and equipment, a firearm may increase your safety & security while on the road.

Seminar Room A - 6:00 pm Friday

rviconSeminars Presented by Industry Experts
- These seminars offer great tips, advice and how-to's for your RVing adventures. Get information on staying connected, lithium energy and boondocking (dry camping) and don't miss your opportunity to ask any question you have to our industry experts at the Q&A.

Ask the Experts Q&A

Have your technical, lifestyle and do-it-yourself questions answered by a panel of industry experts during this interactive presentation. This is your chance to get all of your RVing questions answered! Panel is scheduled to include Gary Bunzer, Bryan Appleby, Shari & Hutch and Dave Helgeson.

Seminar Room A - 2:00 pm Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Staying Connected On (Or Off) The Road!

Whether you are heading down the highway, leveled up in a popular RV park, off in the wilderness, or overlanding the Trans-America Trail, there are a variety of ways you can stay connected to family and friends, travel companions, and even a business you maintain back home. We will dive into the options available from handheld trackers to wifi and cellular options, as well as ham radio and satellite.  We will highlight the pros and cons of the options, give an overview of the costs involved, what you can do with a particular type of system, and sprinkle in a little advice on making the best use of the connections you do get.  Presented by Sea Tech Systems.

Seminar Room B - 1:00 pm Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

The Future of Lithium is Now

Lithium is the energy storage technology of the future that is here today. And not all lithium is the same. See why it is better than lead acid, will provide you more camping time and life cycles, and save you time, labor and money. Presented by Lion Energy.

Seminar Room C - 4:00 pm Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Boondocking 101

Are you a free spirit looking for the total freedom that a RV offers, that likes to go “where they want, when they want”? Then be sure to attend this entertaining seminar where you will learn how to break free of schedules, reservations, leash laws, campground fees and other modern inconveniences? In this seminar you will learn how to find your own secret hideaways on public land before leaving home via the internet and how to safely and comfortably stay there without hookups. Our Show Director, Dave Helgeson, is back with this popular seminar with updated links and information.

Seminar Room C - 5:00 pm Thursday, Friday & Saturday


Show attendees requiring seminars in alternative format are asked to contact the Show Office one hour prior to the seminar.