Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are masks required to be worn inside Lumen Field Event Center during the show?

A: The Seattle RV Show is following the Lumen Field Event Center's current Health & Safety policies that include mandatory masks be worn inside the Event Center.

Q: Can you bring your own bag/large purse/food/water/backpack in to the event?

A: Small bags and purses are allowed in the show. The facility discourages backpacks and other large bags from being brought into the show. All are subject to being searched. Single serving meals and beverages are also permitted to be brought into the show.

Q: Do you have a coat check?

A: The facility does not provide for coat checks.

Q: Are there wheel chairs or electric scooters available?

A: Unfortunately, the Event Center does not have the ability to provide wheel chairs or electric scooters. You can park in the Lumen Field Garage for easier access with your wheelchair. If you purchase your tickets online and are disabled, you may be reimbursed for your parking fee.

Q: Are pets allowed?

A: Only certified service animals are permitted.

Q: How much is parking?

A: Parking is free if you purchase your tickets online and use your parking pass at the Mariner's Garage at T-Mobile Park. A shuttle service is provided to the show entrance. Parking in the Lumen Field Parking Garage is subject to Event Parking (determined by the parking garage). Event parking typically runs about $20 for trade events at this location.

Q: Can you bring your firearms into the show?

A: The following items are NOT permitted at Lumen Field Event Center: Guns, Knives, Pepper Spray, Brass Knuckles, Loose Batteries, Wires & Box Cutters. These items will not be allowed into the show and must be discarded or returned to your vehicle before entering the show.

Q: Is it all indoors?

A: Yes, all RVs, exhibits and seminars are indoors.

Q: Do you have military discounts?

A: Military discounts are not available.

Q: Can we store our luggage on the premises?

A: The facility does not have room for luggage storage.

Q. Is daycare offered at this year's show?

A: Unfortunately due to COVID concerns, daycare will not be available at this year's show.